Integrating Facebook Covers with Your Company Website For Business Growth

Facebook, your one stop destination for all your cravings of social interaction is making news for getting more and more users to its credit each day. Everyday there are millions of people who make use of facebook covers to share their sorrow, joy, like , dislikes, opinion and much more. Facebook has become so popular with masses that nowadays it is used not only for personal discourse but is equally a viable solution for all business needs.

Using facebook for business success

There are many small time ventures that have their own website but unfortunately do not get too much of viewership owing to too many websites crowding the net. Even if you do Google search on net for referral websites, the list is endless thus confusing the viewer. Usually in such circumstances the viewer only visits the websites that are mentioned on the first page of Google.

This kind of scenario usually calls for “SOS” for websites that rank much lower in Google and are displayed on last few pages of Google. So what would really help them in such scenario? Well, the obvious answer is facebook.

 You must be wondering as to how will facebook help as it is a social networking site. Well, if you are a regular facebook user and are also up to date with the latest news in market then you will realize that facebook is “the” thing for product and business promotion nowadays. From small ventures to bigger enterprises, everybody is making use of facebook for business promotion.

The first thing to do here is to design a facebook page for your product line and here you can also make use of facebook timeline covers feature of facebook to display collage of your product and company slogan. The next step would be to create a friends list of all the people who are related to your merchandise range. Do not merge the business page with your personal facebook account. In fact you can just provide a link in your personal facebook account for your business facebook page. Now on your business page you can keep on doing regular posts for your product and website. In each of the post you need to provide a link to your website. Once people read your post then they will click on your link and then once they visit your website then they will definitely get more information on your product range and might even get tempted to buy it.

You can also do another thing and that is integrating the facebook link on your website. Your facebook link will appear as an icon on your website page and if you have got regular visitors who come to your website page for information then they will definitely view your facebook link. If any of these viewers click on the link then they will directly be guided to your facebook page where they will get to see posts on your product range and might get interested more. This might lead them to post your website link on their social networking page which might give further boost to your business.

Facebook is a wholesome solution to all your business needs and something that you need to embark on.

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