Merge facebook with competitor’s website for gaining business

Internet is the best option for spreading business globally and this fact has been recognized by the business community around the world. It is also an established statement that all the aspiring as well as exiting entrepreneurs has created an online profile for their business and this has given rise to extensive competition amongst the entrepreneurs.

This competitive spirit is definitely a boost to lot many entrepreneurs who work on their web page to make it stand out amongst the rest. However if one really needs to survive in the virtual competitive scenario and make the most of it to increase ones business and mint money, then the best thing to do would be to make peace with the rival. Now is this really a wise move? Definitely, a small step like merging your facebook banners page with your rival’s website would be an excellent means of promoting your business.

How does the merger work?

Well, you can start by embedding your facebook icon on the website of your rival firm and of course with their permission. You can also post your facebook link on the website of your rival. Now the benefit here is that whenever any visitor comes to view the page of the rival then they will get to know about your link and they might also click on the link or the facebook icon. Once they click on it then definitely they will immediately be linked to your page and then the first thing that they will see is your facebook cover photos. With an impressive cover photo they will definitely get mesmerised and will go through your page content and if they like your content then they might click on the like application. Also there is another advantage here and that is sharing of your facebook link with their own friends, family and acquaintance.

This kind of thing sets a course for viral marketing as the link will keep on getting posted further though each acquaintance. Also with posting your cover designers link on rival website you are assured of targeted traffic.

Now again the question arises that why only look forward for targeted traffic?

Well, targeted traffic is a sure shot assurance of getting more and more business. Targeted traffic stands for people who are genuinely interested in particular merchandise and that is why they visit a certain website for information. When you form a merger with such website then definitely you will get clientele that will be knowledgeable about your merchandise and will also have genuine interest in your merchandise. Once they like your merchandise then they will definitely invest in it.

Another vital question is “why will your rival allow you to post your link on his website”?

Well, the answer here is very simple. Here the fundamental solely lies on barter system. Once you post your facebook link on your rival website, in exchange you also will have to post their link on your facebook page. Through this method definitely they are also getting directed traffic to their page through you.

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