A Interesting Portals For Facebook Cover Photos And Timeline Covers

Facebook cover photo; this is one of the greatest achievements of facebook and has actually proven to be a bone of contention for many other social networking sites. facebook cover photos has given a visual identity to lot many websites and has especially proven to be a success formula for many brands. The cover photo provides them with a platform to display the most impressive image that instantly makes them gain attention.

However, facebook like all other applications has certain guidelines for cover photos too and if these guidelines are not adhered then definitely facebook will disable this application for offenders. Therefore whenever one is aspiring to post a photograph, it is always better to know about the guidelines before posting pictures.

The “don’ts” guideline facebook timeline

Whenever you go through any article on facebook timeline, you generally read that you can post your best shot on cover photo and nothing more is mentioned apart from the pixel size of the picture. However, there is more to cover photo than the size. Actually apart from the pixel size and other casual information, one important fact about Cover Photos For Facebook Timeline is that you cannot mention any sales and discounts on cover photo. Statements like “50% off on all the goods” etc are discoursed profusely and if any of these adverts are seen on facebook cover photo then facebook policies will terminate your account as sales and discount proposals are against facebook guidelines.

Video and movie posting is also a strict” no-no” on facebook cover photo. Although you might feel that video I the best mode of instantly getting traffic, but according to facebook guidelines facebook cover photo is strictly all about posting a picture and not about posting videos. Again if facebook detects videos on your cover photo then definitely your account will be terminated within some time if the warnings are not adhered.

Facebook policies and guidelines though sound stringent but are made for ensuring that procedural methods are followed for organised functioning of each application. Facebook although banishes display of sales and videos on facebook cover photo; but at the same time it does not stop you from displaying ads as “ppc” on top of the page. Apart from that, video displays on “wall” of the page are also encouraged. In fact, the liberal policies of facebook allow one to post as many videos as possible.

Facebook cover designers have been considered the most promising non-conventional method of promotion of a business. But this can only be possible when all the guidelines mentioned by facebook are followed to the “tee”. Of course the guidelines are made for better functioning and also to ensure that there is no misuse anywhere.

Hence, whenever you desire to make facebook your business promotion option, then reading through the finer lines of facebook while registering is mandatory. These guidelines will set the right course for you to follow and make your business a successful entity without any legal hassles.

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